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Law Firm Website Design Cost

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How Much are Attorney Websites?

Law firm website design cost How much should I pay for my law firm’s new website?

For obvious reasons, this is a common and critical question for law firms and in-house legal marketers who are looking to either upgrade their existing website, or have a new website created from scratch.

To understand what’s a reasonable cost for your law firm’s website you must first define what you expect from your website. If you simply need a digital business card that contains high-level information about your firm, you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg for your website.

On the flip side, if your website is the center-piece of your law firm’s marketing and lead generation efforts, you’re necessarily going to have to spend more in order to achieve your goals.

What factors most influence the price of a law firm website?

Functionality requirements

This is the big one. When firms need their website to have any sort of advanced functionality, they can expect to pay more. Examples of advanced functionality include:

  • Forums where users can register accounts and have discussions on your website
  • Payment gateways where users can submit payments through your site
  • Advanced lead qualification forms which adjust dynamically based conditional responses
  • Website integration with third party customer relationship management systems

Each of these functions require advanced web development talent, and you can expect to pay for that talent.

Design requirements

Designing and then developing custom webpages requires the time of skilled web designers and developers, and that time will cost you more money.

The more custom you’d like your law firm website design to be the more you can expect to pay.

Content requirements

Without content, there is no website. If you’re starting from scratch with a new website and you intend for the website to function as a marketing and lead generation tool, you will have to invest in content with which to popular your site. This will increase the price you can expect to pay.

Conversely, if you are redesigning a website that has been well established and contains lots of content, this will also affect the price, as the website agency you hire must migrate this content into a new design and fully QA it to ensure that no errors were created during the migration.

Furthermore, if your website has a ton of content but it is especially poorly structured or optimized, the website agency you hire will have to create and execute a strategy for improving it. This requires time and expertise, both of which will impact the cost of your website.

Just tell me what I should pay

I know what you want. You want to know how much you should pay for your law firm website. Here it is, broken down into three different circumstances:

Circumstance 1:

I just need a website so that people who know about me can find me and get my information. I don’t need to generate new cases with it.

If this describes your situation, you can likely get away with spending less than $1,000 to get your website up. Don’t expect any custom design, functionality, or content. If you spend less than 1k, you can expect a templated website containing only the bear essentials.

At this price-point, you should not expect to be able to work with the top legal marketing agencies. Rather, you’ll likely be looking at working with a freelancer or low-cost turnkey solution.

Circumstance 2:

I want my website to make my firm look great and maybe even generate new leads every now and then.

If this describes your situation, you should expect to spend between $3,000 and $6,000. Where you land on this spectrum will depend on how many custom webpage designs you want, how much new content you want, and how much content you already have on your site.

At this price-point, reputable legal marketing agencies will likely have an offering to meet your needs.

Circumstance 3:

I want my website to blow people away. I want it to be superior to those of my top competitors. I want it to generate significant new cases for my firm.

If this describes your situation, you should expect to spend between $7,000 and $25,000. Where you land on this spectrum will depend on things like whether you require professional photography, how much new content you require, whether you require advanced content formats like videos and interactive graphics, and whether you require advanced functionality like payment gateways or CRM integration.

At this price-point, reputable legal marketing agencies will be competing for your business.

Wrapping up

The price you pay for you law firm’s website should be determined by your expectations for your website.

There are few truths in life as reliable as you get what you pay for. A reputable website agency will work with you to land on a price that is fair and is based on your goals and the specific requirements for your website.