Do keywords in reviews help with local rankings?

At Juris Digital we have always considered getting reviews and responding to client reviews an important part of any local SEO campaign. And while we have seen a lot of anecdotal evidence of reviews helping our clients rank better for important keywords, we now have more evidence of how Google treats this information.

Specifically, we have now been seeing a lot more of Google taking the text from reviews and showing it in the local pack.

Have you seen this guy showing up in the local pack recently?  Review Icon

This is how you know you are looking at review text as opposed to text that Google finds on your website.

This is how reviews are displayed in the local pack

You can see an example of two examples where Google took text from reviews and displayed it directly in the local pack. For this example, I searched for “Truck Accident Lawyer”:

Reviews showing up in the local pack

Unfortunately, you don’t have a lot of control over what review Google decides to display here as that’s based on their algorithms.

Will This Affect My Local SEO Strategy?

Really this new feature does not change anything as far as a typical local strategy goes. As always I think it’s important to put a big emphasis on seeking out client reviews and making sure you can get a keyword and location in there whenever possible. This has always been an effective way of getting your Google My Business listing to rank higher for important keywords, or expand the keywords your local listing ranks for.

As always you should have a focus on getting high-quality reviews from actual clients and use the Google review generator on our website to make it a little bit easier to get those Gmail reviews.

Want to watch the video overview instead? Watch it here below:

Have you seen anything I missed? Let us know in the comments below.



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Casey Meraz

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