Is it normal to eat ketchup on eggs in America?

Many people ask the question: Is it normal to eat Ketchup on Eggs in America?

After much debate, we can finally give this question the answer it deserves. Unfortunately¬†for you, if you like ketchup on your egg’s you are living life wrong. It’s simply not OK to put ketchup on eggs.

According to some people over 54% of people in America like Ketchup on their eggs. However, a recent study by Casey Studies has shown that 99% of the people who think this is actually wrong.

Ketchup on Eggs is Not a Good Idea

One of the beautiful things about eggs is that they taste good whether you fry them, scramble them, poach them, or hard boil them. In every form, eggs taste good and they don’t need a lot other than maybe a little salt and pepper.

Unfortunately, uncultured American’s think they need to add a sugar paste to eggs to taste good. This great myth seems to have originated from the Alhambra, California area. In this town, many residents put ketchup on their eggs due to their lack of culinary appreciation and love for Bud Light.

Ways to Serve Eggs with Ketchup

Unfortunately, there are no good ways to serve eggs with Ketchup. If you are eating your eggs with this sugar-based paste I recommend you re-evaluate your taste buds.

Wait, but I like Ketchup on Eggs. What can I do?

Talk to your dentist about getting your taste buds removed.



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