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How to Optimize Your Justia Profile

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Casey Meraz

The small things add up. Details matter. Here is what you will need to know in order to optimize your Justia profile as efficiently as possible and maximize its effect on your marketing efforts. Estimated time—if you find no duplicate listing of your firm—20 minutes to a complete profile.

7 Things to Gather Before You Start:

  1. All prior firm names.
  2. Any previous phone numbers used for your business. All of them. Any tracking numbers, any cell phones that may be on a business card. All of the numbers used by your firm. Get them into a spreadsheet if they aren’t already in one.
  3. The date your firm was formed.
  4. Links or the files of any videos about, or made by, your firm.
  5. Your correct business address—I suggest going to your secretary of state’s website and finding this information. If they are listing the wrong information, correct it, but make sure that what you are using to fill out any profiles, including your Justia profile, matches your SOS website’s official address of your business all the way down to the exact punctuation.
  6. A few high quality pictures (smartphones take some damn fine pictures nowadays).
  7. Last, but certainly not least, once you gather all of this information, organize it. Keep it in a safe place where you will not forget where it is. You will most likely need this again for other important online business listings. Google drive is a great place to keep a copy of this information, and is free for a personal gmail account.

Go to Justia.com and Check for Duplicates

Use all previous address information, previous phone numbers, or prior business names to make sure there are no profiles with even some of your information. This is a very important step. Why? Duplicate listings can cause massive issues (in terms of data confusion) for you while trying to rank for locally relevant keywords.

Now, whether it was from previous SEO efforts, ill-advised call tracking attempts, or the result of negative SEO from your competitors is irrelevant. If you find duplicates, either delete the profile, or claim it and correct the information, but do not leave an active profile that is pointing to your business in any way. You must take these down in order for your firm to receive the maximum Local SEO benefit from your Justia profile.
Checking for duplicates is an important step. I cannot stress it enough. If you do not check for duplicates, and remove any that you find, you will not be optimizing your profile: #remembertocheckforduplicates!

Filling Out the Profile

This portion can be simply stated: fully fill out your contact information.

This should be a no brainer, but there are so many profiles I find that have incomplete, slightly misspelled, or incorrect information. If you have prepared correctly, and have taken my advice from before and collected the information I mentioned earlier, this will not take long at all.

Fill out your business name and address exactly how it appears on your secretary of state’s website. Make sure all periods, commas, and and symbols are placed exactly.
Spend some time and write a unique business description that identifies what sets you apart as a law firm.

Connect your social profiles. As social media is becoming ingrained in many people’s lives, and has become the preferred method of research and communication of many others. If the people you are trying to market to prefer a certain channel, make it easy for them to connect with you there and connect your profile.

Make sure to fill out your hours of operation, and what type of payment your firms accepts. For your convenience, throughout this process, your will have a progress bar helping you understand how close you are to completion.

Keep following the prompts (in the form of blue links under the progress bar), and in a few short minutes, you will have your entire Justia profile filled out completely.

If you have any videos about your firm, or videos made by your firm, make sure to add them as well. Videos are more valuable than most firms realize. If you do not have one, make one. A simple video of you explaining why you started your law firm, and what makes your firm better than your competition, is all that is needed. Smartphones can take decent video nowadays, so there is no excuse.

In Conclusion

Taking the time to prepare all the necessary information will save you much time, and taking the time to make sure your whole profile is filled out completely is the only way to put your firm in the best position take advantage of the people already searching for Lawyers on Justia, and help contribute to your Local SEO campaign.

If you have any more tricks for optimizing your Justia profile, leave them in the comments below. If not, do you have any other related questions?