How to Cancel Your Avvo Advertising

Over the years we have conducted several studies on Avvo’s performance for law firms who use their paid services. The results seem to vary greatly, but for the vast majority of the attorney’s we have talked to, the return on investment has not been there.

This probably is not helped by the fact that has seen an over 50% reduction in organic search traffic according to third party analytic tools like

Avvo Website Traffic is In Decline

Whatever the case may be, if you’re looking to cancel your Avvo Account and are unsure of how to do so, you’ve come to the right spot.

Cancellation by Email or US Mail

While Avvo used to have an easy online cancellation option, they appear to have changed that based on the most recent terms and conditions.

According to Avvo’s terms of service located here all cancellation requests must be received in writing by email or US mail ( or by U.S. mail (720 Olive Way, Suite 1400, Seattle, WA 98101 ATTN: Cancellations). Here is the information you should include in your email:

Cancellation requests also must be made before renewals are processed.

If your contract period is not up yet but you still want to cancel, make sure to send in the request anyways. You don’t want to forget about or delay the process.

Here is a quick tip I use when I subscribe to services like Avvo:

Setup Cancellation Reminders with KPI’s

Whenever you engage with a digital marketing service of any type I think it’s important to discuss your expectations and have measurable key performance indicators aligned before coming to an agreement.

For lead generation services that can be something simple like: I want to generate 10 leads and sign one serious injury case with an spend of $1,000. Once you have this information make sure to create a calendar event before the renewal period. For Avvo, this would be 30+ days before the contract is expected to end.

If you set the expectations properly you can then make yourself a quick calendar note to revisit these KPI’s right before your renewal period.

Typically I put the specific numbers in my calendar reminder so that I have all of the information I need handy to make a decision. That makes it easier to decide at the time of renewal whether or not the service worked for me or if I need to cancel or make a pivot.

What is Your Experience With Avvo?

How has your experience with Avvo Been? I would love to hear about it as I’m constantly doing interviews for my Podcast to align attorneys with marketing that actually signs more cases. Shoot me an email at cmeraz[at]



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