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[VIDEO] How Attorneys Can Get More Online Reviews

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Casey Meraz

Video Transcription

Hi I’m Casey Meraz with Juris Digital and today we’re going to be talking about how to get more reviews for your law firm.

Getting Reviews on sites like Google and Yelp are essential to your law firm’s success because that’s were consumers are searching.

Just remember before we get started you cannot solicit reviews from yelp because that’s against their terms of service. However, with google you are allowed to solicit reviews at this point.

Here are some quick tips that attorneys can use to get more reviews.

Tip number one: Look at existing clients. You probably have a database with old clients, think about which ones were the happiest with your service. Then have the person who had the most contact with them, reach out via phone and ask them if they will be willing to leave a review for the firm. Follow that up with that an email and your on your way to getting some good reviews.

Tip number two: If you use case management software and can set up a process to auto email clients. What you should do is sign up for a service like get five stars, what that will do is it will allow you to email clients after your case is closed or settled and then they can give you a rating from one to ten. The good thing about that is that you are allowed to set a review threshold so if they hit eight to ten on the high side they are then promoted with options automatically to leave a reviews with the sites that you want, you could do that on google, you could do that on yelp.

Tip number three: This is something that applies mostly to personal injury lawyers but basically once the case is settled what you can do, you can actually deliver the check to the clients home and ask them at that point if they are willing to leave a review. What this does it allows them to leave a review from their home computer and at the point where their the happiest.

Tip number four: You should use the review tactic sparingly but if you work with other professional service businesses, such as an investigator or a process server you can ask them to leave a review for you. If you do that, just make sure their honest and leave their review in their own voice clear business to business way.

Tip number five: This is my favorite technique for long term success for reviews for your firm. And it involves incentivizing employees and constant client communication.

Here’s How it works:

First, lets start with the employees side of it. Incentivizing employees by making positive reviews apart of their performance or incentivizing them with money is a great way in getting them on board. Now since your employees are in constant communication with the clients. Ensure they have a positive experience and when a case is closing, that person should call the client and inform them that the way that their performance is judged is partially on reviews.

Doing this adds an emotional connection at that point the client is typically more inclined to leave a review. Follow that up with an email and a direct link to where you want that review to go and your going to see it done nine times out of ten.

And as a bonus to you, we are going to talk about three things you should not do.

Number one: Don’t solicit reviews on yelp.

Number two: Don’t offer monetary incentives.

And number three: I wouldn’t recommend setting up a review station in your office on the network where all the reviews are coming from the same location. That could be flagged for spam in the future.

And that’s it for today. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time.