A Game Plan for Marketing Your Family Law Practice

3 Steps for Building a Sustainable Family Law Marketing System

Family Law Marketing So you’re looking to get more clients? Getting started with marketing your family law practice online can be daunting, but don’t fret! You’ve come to the right place.

Here, I’ve laid out a specific action plan for building and executing a marketing strategy for your family law firm that will generate relevant leads via inbound digital marketing channels.

Note: For the most part I have not included any “traditional” marketing methods (ie. networking, billboards, TV ads, etc.) in this post. Rather, I’ve focused on online, inbound marketing, as this is our area of expertise and what we believe to be the best method for building a sustainable lead generation engine for your family law practice over the long term.

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Defining Your Target Audience & Unique Value Propositions

Before you can go about generating new clients for your law firm on the web, it’s critical that you understand who you are targeting, and why they should choose to hire you instead of someone else.

Your Target Audience

To define your target audience, spend some time answering the following questions about your ideal client:

Once you’ve answered these questions and have a strong understanding of who your target clients are, turn your attention to defining why you are the best choice to represent them.

Your Unique Value Propositions

The fact is, you can generate thousands of unique visitors to your website, but if you can’t clearly convey why your firm is their best choice, all of that traffic will be for naught.

To come up with your unique value propositions, spend some time answering the following questions:

For an example of a family law attorney who does a great job conveying his unique value propositions on his website, click here.

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Writing Content and Optimizing for the Right Keywords

You can invest tens of thousands of dollars on your firm’s digital marketing assets – custom website design, beautiful photography, videos, graphics, etc – but if you fail to publish useful information which is optimized for keywords that your potential clients search when they need your services, your results will be lackluster.

Below is arguably the most valuable information in this entire article: choose keywords that your know result in highly relevant traffic and optimize for those keywords.

For the purpose of giving you realistic examples, we have used Texas as the state for these target keywords. You can simply replace Texas with the name of your state for your keywords.

Informational Keywords for Your Family Law Practice to Target

Example Topic 1: “What You Need to Know About Getting a Divorce in Texas”

Example Topic 2: “An Overview of Texas Family Law”

Example Topic 3: “What Parents Need to Know About Child Support Laws in Texas”

Example Topic 4: “What Parents Need to Know About Child Custody Laws in Texas”

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Building Your Web Presence

Now that you understand who your target audience is and you’ve defined why they should hire you for their family law needs, it’s time to put that information on the web.

There are of course endless online channels and tactics that you could utilize to get in front of your potential customers. Below I’ve prioritized what we at Juris Digital believe to be the most effective digital properties for marketing your family law practice.

Your Family Law Website

The most important (and likely most expensive) piece of your family law firm’s marketing tool kit is your website. Unlike social media profiles or ads on legal directories like Avvo.com or Lawyers.com, your Firm’s website is an asset for your business. It is a digital property that you own and control 100%. Accordingly, it’s a critical investment.

Family Law Website Example

You ought to treat your website as the cornerstone of your Firm’s marketing efforts. If digital marketing follows a hub and spoke model, your website is the hub. It is where your best content lives, and where you should direct all potential customers regardless of where they discover you.

At Juris Digital we have written extensively on what law firms need to know about creating an effective website. Below I have curated and linked to the most important of those articles that will help you understand the right process for creating your family law firm’s website:

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Google My Business (ie. Google Maps/Local SEO)

The second most important web property for your family law practice is your Google My Business listing. Google My Business is the name of Google’s free tool that business owners use to manage the information about their business that is presented to the world on Google.

Because your family law firm is a local business that services local clients, it is essential that you claim and optimize your listing on Google so that people find you when they search general, local queries related to your business, for example:

Family Law Local SEO Marketing

To optimize your Firm’s Google My Business listing, you need to make sure to do the following:

PRO Tip: As of the date this article was written, Google’s ranking of local search results in Google Maps is highly impacted by two factors: 1) Proximity of your business to the location of the searcher, and; 2) Having keywords in your business name (ie. Jones Family Law Firm, LLC). Accordingly, using keywords in your business name and having an office that is physically close to lots of your potential clients can both have big-time SEO benefits.

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Law Firm Directory Website Ads

There tons of legal directory websites out there. Getting your family law firm listed on these sites can be a great way to increase your web exposure, and even generate new clients.

The best way to determine which legal directory sites you should consider advertising on is to simply open up Google and search your primary transactional keywords, for example:

Divorce Lawyer Marketing

Make a list of the sites that rank well in Google for your primary transactional keywords and then reach out to those sites to get quotes for marketing.

You made it to the bottom; thanks for reading! If you have any questions about the information presented here please drop a comment below and I’ll respond in short order.


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