An Effective Legal Blogging Strategy in 323 Words

1. Read other blogger’s blogs

The reason that bloggers began blogging, way back before search engines even existed, is because they wanted to talk about the nerdy shit that they love with fellow nerds who also wanted to talk about it.

The first step in effective blogging is finding other bloggers who have interests similar to yours, and reading their blog posts.

Show Me How

Simply head over to Google and search some topics that interest you.

Here are a few example queries to try (click the images to view the Google search results page for each query):

Click to see search results for this query on Google

Click to see search results for this query on Google

Click to see search results for this query on Google

Click to see search results for this query on Google

Next, click through to some of the blogs that look appealing and start reading posts that interest you!

TIP: Don’t forget to bookmark the blogs that you like the best in your web browser.

2. Have an opinion, and write it down (on your blog)

After you’ve spent some time reading about the nerdy stuff that you love talking about, you will certainly have formed an opinion based on what you’ve read.

At this point, do the following:

Make sure you link to the blog post that inspired your opinion, as well as attribute the author by linking to her Twitter page.

Show Me How

Kevin O’Keefe (@kevinokeefe) does this in almost all of his posts. It looks like this:

RLHB Example

3. Share your new blog post on Twitter, and @mention the author who inspired you

Finally, tweet out a link to your new blog post, and mention the author of the blog post from which your opinion was formed.

Show Me How

Again, here is how O’Keefe does it:

4. That’s It.


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