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COVID-19 & Juris Digital

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Matt Green

To our clients and colleagues,

We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the rapid developments surrounding the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), and to update our clients and others who we work with on the status of our company and our operations.

While we are following updates surrounding the global COVID-19 pandemic closely, we have not had to make any significant changes to our business operations, and for all intents and purposes, it is business as usual here at Juris Digital. We are grateful to be in an industry that is well suited to remote work.

As a remote-first organization, our staff is permitted to work from where ever is most convenient for them (providing there is high-speed internet). Our software stack of Basecamp for project management, Slack for internal communication, Tick for time tracking, and Zoom for video conference calls have long been a part of our daily operations, and so we don’t anticipate needing to make any additional changes at this time.

We realize that while we’re used to working remotely, your staff may not be quite as well suited to carry on with business as usual during this period where social distancing is required to slow the spread of this disease. We want our clients and colleagues to know that we are here to be of service, and we encourage you to reach out to us if you need advice on, or help implementing, technology solutions – including messaging, video conferencing, and other collaborative needs – to help you carry on with your important work.

At Juris Digital we intend to prepare for the worst outcomes, as we hope for contribute to producing the best outcomes. We are grateful to be able to carry on our work, and we are committed to doing our part to help out wherever we can. If you need help, we are here for you.

Thank you for your attention, stay safe, and we’ll talk to you soon.

– Casey Meraz (CEO & Founder) & Matt Green (COO)