Juris Digital Client Featured on Fox 7 Austin


We spend a lot of time thinking about how to build links and citations that will really move the needle for our clients, both in terms of keyword rankings and on-and-offline reputation.

This past Labor Day we helped Sutliff & Stout, a personal injury & accident law firm in Austin, Texas, create and execute a campaign to attract local media attention.

Watch the video on Fox7Austin.com

The Campaign

We wanted to come up with a campaign that would not only gain the attention of local media outlets, but also display the firm’s is commitment to making the Austin community safer. What we came up with was the No DWI Free Cab Ride Program.

The Results

Ready for Better Marketing? Let’s Talk

What if I told you that an SEO company could get your firm a 2 minute piece on the local news, while improving your search engine rankings and your online reputation? If that kind of marketing interests you, let’s talk.


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Matt Green

Hi, I'm Matt. I'm the lead strategist here at Juris Digital. Since 2011, I've spent the majority of my one life on this earth helping lawyers sign more cases with organic search, and I've loved every freakin' second of it. If you have specific topics you'd like to discuss with me, please feel free to email me or tweet me.