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Law Firm Marketing Plan

What is the difference between a marketing plan and a strategy? Law firms should use marketing strategies to help them reach out to potential clients. Marketing plans are more...

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Top 7 Must-Have Cars for Attorneys

Are you a Lincoln lawyer? An Audi advocate? A Porsche practitioner? A Benz barrister? …Or are you maybe more of a Kia counselor? If you’re wondering what kind of...

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The Ultimate List of Legal Blogs

What Are Legal Blogs? How Important Are Legal Blogs Today? As everything around us becomes more digitized, the way that consumers treat online material has changed, too. Prior to...

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Top 10 Best Briefcases for Lawyers

A Comprehensive List of Best Briefcases for Improving Lawyers’ Caseload Efficiency, Professionalism, and Personal Style Being a lawyer is all about living in the details. Of course, there’s no...

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| Read Time: 8 minutes | Productivity

Law Firm Startup Checklist

So you’re ready to start your own law firm? Congratulations! This is the beginning of many a success story in the United States. Yours might be next. So you’re ready...

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