Our product is our people.

When you choose to work with Juris Digital, you’re not putting your trust in the hands of a faceless corporation. You’re partnering with a group of kind, passionate, hard-working people who will treat your business like their own, and commit fully to your success.

Casey Meraz

Founder & CEO

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Casey Meraz has been helping law firms grow their practices by signing more cases for over 10 years. As someone who has worked directly in law firms and understands the entire case intake process from a phone call to a client, Casey has successfully optimized many firms’ lead and intake processes.

His philosophy is simple: Website traffic looks good on reports, but it doesn’t do you any good unless it actually converts. Casey ties the entire process into his internet marketing strategies to ensure your firm is always in growth mode. Find him speaking at conferences such as SMX, Big Digital, and State of Search.

Matt Green

Chief Strategy Officer

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Matt began his career in SEO way back in 2011 when Casey hired him to be a blog writer. A short while after he began, he found himself going home after writing for 8 hours, making a fresh Cup O’ Noodles, and devouring SEO blogs and tutorials (in addition to the Cup ‘O Noodles). Matt immediately developed a passion for search marketing which still burns to this day.

Over the past decade Matt has executed search marketing campaigns for hundreds of businesses, and has established himself as a leader in legal digital marketing by publishing hundreds of articles and guides on the Juris Digital website and for publications like Above the Law, Lawyernomics by Avvo, Moz, and Search Engine Journal.

Leann Pickard

Chief Operations Officer

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Leann Pickard serves as COO at Juris Digital. After joining Juris in 2016, Leann held several positions within the organization before becoming COO — this experience led her to become a dynamic, versatile, and charismatic leader, championing next-level digital marketing practices. Leann combines her technical knowledge, entrepreneurial thinking, and passion for leadership to scale up operational success.

Leveraging a truly collaborative spirit, she is charged with ensuring that law firms receive exceptional service, flexibility, humility, and a steadfast collaborative community working toward continual success in the online space. Her roots are seeded in growth. From a “wanna-be surfer” off the coast to starting and building foundational tactics for multiple businesses, Leann has evolved in the very best ways. Using support & guidance as a backdrop, she creates an environment amenable to a diverse team, driving success for each team member as they move through various seasons in their lives. Without a doubt, Leann enables them to bring their true, best selves to work.

Susan Staupe

Director of SEO

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Susan M. Staupe is a lucky wife, proud mom of two, and self-proclaimed SEO nerd.  With over 15 years in organic and Local SEO, she is passionate about staying up to date on all things digital. Her niche is legal marketing, where she has over 13 years of experience in helping law firms get found online and gaining new clients. She is a speaker, a mentor, a teacher and prides herself on providing exceptional customer service for all her clients.

Susan currently serves on the advisory board for MnSearch, where she spent over 6 years on the Board of Directors.  She also serves on the advisory board for the Dakota Technical Community College Marketing Program and previously served on the CAB advisory board for MOZ Local. Susan is also serving as a mentor for Women In Tech for the second cohort in a row!!

Steve King

Director of Strategy

Steve King is the Director of Strategy at Juris Digital. He started his career in internet marketing as a copywriter, but found himself diving deeper into marketing in short order. After discovering SEO and content marketing, he was hooked. Steve is a firm believer in delivering outstanding content and website optimization in order to drive visibility.

Steve is a seasoned marketer and has direct experience in the legal field as well.

Ryan Gass

Director of Design & Development

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Ryan Gass is the Director of Design & Development at Juris Digital. If you decide to work with us, Ryan will be the person who makes sure you get a truly exceptional website that is optimized for search, usability, and conversions.

Ryan wears a variety of hats but WordPress development, technical SEO, page speed optimization, and conversion rate optimization are Ryan’s key areas of focus for our clients. Ryan is also an adjunct professor at the Community College of Denver where he teaches Intro to Computer Graphics, Illustrator I, and Web Design I.

Maxine Harrison

Director of Content

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Maxine Harrison is the Director of Content for Juris Digital. “Max” is a purveyor of all things content, including writing, deployment, and ongoing optimization. She’s worked directly with attorneys to establish their brand voices online, implement SEO best practices, and contour channel-specific content for maximum conversion and success. As a seasoned copywriter and marketing strategist, Max understands the pivotal impact that SEO and effective messaging have on the success of a brand.

Max brings over 15 years of content marketing experience to Juris Digital, promoting more efficient content throughput, quality, and diversification. Max has written dozens of articles covering tax and legal matters in the captive insurance industry and beyond.

Chris Pramik

Director of Sales

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Chris Pramik has been fortunate enough to help businesses leverage digital marketing campaigns that have generated millions in profit. He is passionate about accelerating revenue and market share growth – both for our customers and for our company.

Chris is a senior sales and marketing professional who has extensive experience in digital media, commerce, and technology.

Mitch Cornell

SEO Team Lead


Mitch Cornell is an SEO Team Lead at Juris Digital. Mitch began his career in SEO as a digital marketing intern here at Juris Digital and has progressed quickly.

Mitch has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Colorado and plans to obtain a master’s degree in the future. For now, he eats, drinks, and sleeps SEO in order to maximize results for his clients.

Lucia Chesworth

SEO Team Lead

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Lucia started learning SEO while in college at LSU. She enjoyed it so much that after graduating in 2013 in marketing, she decided to follow a career in the digital arena.

Trained in Inbound Marketing, Lucia has worked with law firms and e-commerce clients through all marketing stages: discovery, buyer persona development, branding, marketing plans, sales funnel strategy, SEO, content marketing, and conversion optimization.

Wyatt Denton

SEO Team Lead

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Wyatt Denton is an SEO Team Lead. He recently graduated from Indiana University. Wyatt is very eager to apply his SEO skills to help our clients grow and be the best they can be. His hobbies include basketball, traveling, and performing a mean flambé in the kitchen.

Leah Ford

Senior Account Manager


Leah has worked in Law Firm Marketing since September 2019. With many years of experience, she has a vast resume that spans 10 years of client support. She brings her experience to Juris Digital with a steadfast attitude ready to tackle all your needs and walk you through any project.

Leah Ford was born in the sunny state of California. After traveling all over the U.S she met her husband and settled down in the lighthouse state of Maine. Unfortunately, since moving to Maine she has never seen a lighthouse. Fast track to fifteen years later, Leah and her husband have 3 beautiful children, a new home, and many memories.

Kyle Biner

Senior SEO Specialist

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Kyle Biner is a Senior SEO Specialist that recently graduated from the University of Boulder. He is thrilled at the opportunity to dive deep into SEO fundamentals and apply them through his work. He began a website passion project in early 2018 which ultimately drove him to change course and pursue a career in digital marketing.

Julia Morris

Senior SEO Specialist

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Julia Morris is a Senior SEO Specialist. She has recently completed her Masters of Science in Marketing at the University of Denver. Julia enjoys the constantly changing nature of SEO and applying the knowledge she gained from her Master’s to help her clients reach success. In her spare time, Julia spends her time reading and traveling.

Ashton Goad

Account Manager

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Ashton Goad is an Account Manager with Juris Digital. Ashton brings an education in Business Management, years of agency account management experience, a passion for creating great client experiences, and joy for work to our team. 

Outside of work, he enjoys exploring the mountains, beaches, forests, and anything in between. He and his new wife are preparing a move to Colorado to make that exploring even more beautiful. 

Bobbi Kerlin

Bobbi Kerlin

HR Manager

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Working in human resources, Bobbi has been in the marketing world for the last decade. With a resume that ranges from public relations to project management, she understands the value of contributing to the success of a team.

She is dedicated to helping others, while not skimping on any of the details. She received her degree from Cedarville University where she graduated Summa Cum Laude. Bobbi loves staying active, spending time with family, and traveling. Oh, and a good cup of coffee too

Brighton Ooko

SEO Specialist

Brighton is a skilled SEO specialist who has worked with marketing firms for a period of 6 years. During this time he has handled various SEO delegations ranging from Onpage SEO, Off-Page SEO and doing technical delegations like Schema Markup, fixing crawl errors, and Optimization.

He enjoys handling SEO delegation and I count my day as a success when I accomplish the delegation and the goal is achieved.

Daniel Navarro

SEO Specialist


Daniel started his career in the SEO industry back in 2014. He is a Junior SEO Strategist of the company. His 6 years of experience allowed him to sharpen his strategic skills and create problem-solving plans for clients. He continues to broaden his knowledge to help the whole team achieve clients’ goals successfully.

Daniel resides in Cebu City, Philippines. He likes to challenge his mind with new things. In his spare time, he is either seen shooting arrows at a nearby range, throwing punches in a boxing ring, or perfecting a new choreography in a dance studio. He also loves to travel and experience different cultures.

Rhiannon Stratton

Rhiannon Stratton

SEO Specialist

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Rhiannon is an SEO Specialist at Juris Digital. She started her career in digital marketing as an intern for Juris after making a career switch in 2019 and has loved diving into the world of SEO and looks forward to honing her skills.

Rhiannon is originally from the Salem, Massachusetts area and enjoys a good spooky movie and all things fall season-related. Outside of work, you can usually find Rhiannon in an antique store, museum, or enjoying Colorado outdoors by hiking or spelunking.

Danica Navarro

SEO Specialist


Danica has been in the SEO industry since 2015. Danica handles a mix of SEO tasks, such as citations, on-page, client reports, and link building. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management.

Danica is from the Philippines, where people are loaded with Vitamin D because they are always smiling. She loves to travel and get lost in new places. She has simple dreams that include watching whales blow their noses and taking a selfie with a great white shark while avoiding becoming fish food.

Kamille Longalong

Project Manager


Kamille entered the digital marketing field in 2008 when she started as a web content writer. She then went on to work on different projects undertaking various tasks such as email marketing, link building, content creation and management, SEO, social media, and project management. She has a passion for learning new things, always curious about how everything goes.

Outside of work, Kamille plays the violin, actively participates in church activities, and loves spending time with her family

Brandon Rickner

SEO Specialist


With his roots in social media marketing within the music industry, Brandon began his journey with SEO in 2020. After spending a year studying he took a dive and fell in love with the niche of using his knowledge and love for design, marketing, and branding to provide exceptional SEO for law firms all across the United States. 

Outside of his work with Juris, Brandon spends his time raising his three boys with his life partner. He is also a freelance photographer/videographer and musician. In his downtime, he is a hockey enthusiast and loves to be active outside.

Floyd Sevilla

Maps & Citations Coordinator

Floyd is a Maps & Citations Coordinator. In 2018, he started working as an SEO Outreach Assistant doing research for clients, organizing information, and managing off-page concerns and issues. Currently, he handles maps optimization, citation building, and backlink research. He believes teamwork among colleagues is vital to a company’s productivity and success.

Floyd loves traveling and meeting new people. He loves to experience new cultures and try out new foods when he visits places. He believes that life is short and that we should make the most of it.

Peter Kerlin

Account Manager

Peter has worked in the Digital Marketing world for over a decade with a vast resume from Client Success and Management to Project Management and beyond. At the core of Peter is his passion for relationships and his attention towards making sure each client relationship has success.

Peter is married to his wife Bobbi and they have been blessed with two amazing boys and reside in the sunny state of North Carolina, where it rarely if ever snows, and he is great with that. Peter also considers himself a moderate “sneakerhead” with a growing collection that his wife doesn’t understand.

Kyle Gosselin

PPC Specialist

Kyle has over 14 years of experience in pay-per-click. He started his career in PPC then over the course developed all his paid media marketing strategies. Managing over 20 million in ad spend alone in the legal field and other industries he has honed in on his paid media strategies to get the best results.