Diversity in Search Fund

Juris Digital is raising money to provide digital marketing “starter kits” for people of color who are interested in a career in SEO and digital marketing.

At Juris Digital we believe that the forces of racism and systemic oppression in America have unjustly denied black Americans and other Americans of color of equal opportunities to pursue a better life.

To do our small part to balance the scales, we are raising money to provide people of color with a digital marketing starter kit in order to get their foot in the door of the digital marketing and SEO industry.

The digital marketing starter kit includes:

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In addition to applying for a digital marketing starter kit, we also encourage people of color to apply for a career at Juris Digital.

We periodically hire for full time roles, but we are ALWAYS on the lookout for hard working students and other folks who are new to digital marketing to come work with us in a part-time capacity as digital marketing intern.