A Website Without SEO = 50% of a Website

The average business’s website get’s 50% of it’s traffic from search engine users. That means that, if your site does not have a strong search engine presence it is essentially only reaching people who have already have determined that they want to visit your site. In this case, you might as well not have a website.

The beauty of SEO, specifically for lawyers and law firms, is that you have a captive, and impatient audience already built in on search engines. You also have a lot of people searching for a very specific service, which you offer. Hold the top search engine spots for the search queries that these people are searching for and you will find that signing cases, and lots of them, is far easier than you ever imagined.

There is no doubt that have a great law firm website, which looks clean and has an intuitive navigation and useful content is a good thing, but if the only people who are ever using it are people who were already looking for it, then you site simply isn’t fulfilling its maximum potential. With a targeted SEO campaign for your law firm, you can transform your site from a nice resource for your already existing clients and colleagues, into a lead generation tool which can help sustain growth for your firm indefinitely over time.

Don’t settle for a business website that doesn’t work as lead generation tool for your firm. Get on track with a effective and sustainable SEO strategy which will produce results for years and years to come.

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