5 Signs That You Should Switch SEO Companies

when-to-switch-seo-company Wondering whether it’s time to fire your current SEO provider? Here we’ll look at five things to look for which may indicate that a change is in your best interest.

1. Your SEO provider can’t explain what success looks like

Ask your SEO the following questions and see what kind of answers you get:

If you hear a bunch of stuttering, “ers” and “uhs”, or attempting to “talk over your head” it’s probably because your SEO provider does not have a clear picture of what success looks like for your firm online. This indicates a lack of strategic foresight, and you’d be well served getting an outside set of eyes on your project.

2. Your website has significant display or functionality issues

If you’re paying your SEO company every month you ought to expect that they proactively monitor and QA your website to ensure that all is in order. That’s not to say that your site should be 100% error free, but there should not be any significant display or functionality issues.

You don’t need to be a technical expert to determine whether your website is technically sound. All you have to do is use your website. Navigate your site like a potential client would and look for issues:

If you find significant website display and functionality issues it may be a sign that your SEO company is not paying adequate attention to your project.

3. You aren’t delighted by deliverables

Back in “the day” many SEO agencies didn’t employ creatives like designers and copywriters because it wasn’t necessary. A webmaster with a fundamental knowledge of SEO could simply optimize the site, build some crappy links, and bam! The results would follow.

Modern SEO requires a broad set of capabilities.

If your SEO agency consistently delivers assets – infographics, articles, videos, landing pages, etc. – that don’t delight you, it could be because they have failed to hire the skilled personnel required to execute a successful modern SEO program. If your SEO provider’s deliverables don’t make you smile, it may be time to look elsewhere.

4. Your reports don’t clearly show consistent progress (or you don’t get reports)

At Juris Digital we report to our SEO clients monthly. Our reports include the following details:

Key Performance Indicators:

Details of Monthly Work Completed

Agenda for Month Ahead

If your SEO company does not provide reports which clearly and transparently explain how your site is performing, what work has been completed, and what initiatives are on-deck, it’s probably because your project is being neglected, or because the agency does not have confidence in their strategy.

5. Your SEO company works with your competitors

This one is a no-brainer. If your SEO company is willing to work with your competitors, you deserve better. I’m not saying that it’s impossible for a company to get results for two clients in the same market, but it’s a clear conflict and a sign that your firm’s long-term success is not their top priority.

Some bad reasons to switch SEO companies:

Still have questions about when you should consider switching SEO companies? Please leave them in the comments below!


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