20 Examples of Great Legal Content Marketing and Counting…


“Lawyers are boring.”

“No one shares legal content.”

“Everything has already been covered.”

“It’s too hard.”

These are excuses. They are excuses that legal internet marketers make for having crappy site copy, and crappy link profiles. They are excuses that have perpetuated the common perception that the legal realm is one of the more spam filled areas of SEO.


You can create amazing resources that answer people’s questions, that get shared, and that get links. Here is a Google doc with 20 examples of great legal content marketing. Please, please, please feel free to add more examples from your firm’s website or a client’s website. If they’re awesome, we’ll add them to the featured examples in this post, and they will have earned another link and more shares!

The Top 3

Of those first 20 examples, here are our top 3:

1. Cell Phone Accident Stats from EdgarSnyder.com

Link Stats: 794 links from 111 domains (complete stats here)

2. Student Bullying Facts from BuckFireLaw.com

Link Stats: 218 links from 53 domains (complete stats here)

3. Interactive Accident Map from AttorneyGus.com

Link Stats: 317 links from 19 domains (complete stats here)

Have an example that you think we should include? Add it to this list, and if it’s good enough, we’ll add it to this post!



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